What Is A Social Network Site?


Little Late For You To Ask But This Is What A Social Network Is

social network

social network

What is a social network and how does it play a role in today’s society?

Booming networks such as Facebook and YouTube are drawing more people online than ever before, offering them opportunities to network from anywhere via computer or mobile device.

History of The Modern Social Network

Social networks have always been around. People, in one way or another, have always met up to share stories, photos and gossip. It may not have been over the Internet, but it was still networking nonetheless.

Social networks connect not only individuals, but help form relationships between groups, businesses, organizations, computers, Web sites and other information-processing entities. The term itself, social network, has been around for more than 100 years. It was originally used to connect people in different social systems — from interpersonal to international.

However, it wasn’t until the 1950s when it was used to bind families, cultures, behaviors and attitudes. In the 1980s and 1990s, social networks branched out to the Internet, truth be told, they weren’t as sophisticated or popular as they are today.

What Is a Social Network Site?

With the advent of the Internet came a whole new way to communicate. People from all over the world were able to share not only their cultures, but political views and interests with just a few keystrokes instead of phone calls, letters or face-to-face meetings.

Networking online allows users to connect instantly, sharing as much or as little information about themselves as they wish, while in some cases, remaining completely anonymous. All social network users have profiles that contain:

Screen name or handle
Information about the user
A photograph or other picture
Information about the user’s last login
A unique URL that can be visited directly instead of going through the network
Public comments from other members that everyone can read

Networking online allows people to be more open about their thoughts and feelings without worrying about face-to-face criticism or rejection. To walk away from an online social network is as easy as turning off your computer.

Social networking sites can be public, private or a combination of the two. Public sites allow anyone to become a member and anyone has access to anything posted. Private sites are just that — non-public channels that require users to register and meet certain criteria to become and remain a member.

All information exchanged on the site is private. Channels that are a combination of the two allow prospective members to see what type of group it is without having access to any other member’s personal information.

Most Popular Online Social Network

New social networking sites are popping up every day, but all of them don’t draw in the traffic to make them hits. The most popular social network site is Facebook. Facebook is the largest social network. Originally designed as a means for college students to connect with one another. Today, there are more than 800 million users on Facebook.

A different genre of social networks is video sharing networks. YouTube is a video sharing social network where registered users can upload and share video clips. You do not need to register to view the videos. There are billions of views daily on youtube.

A Social Network Final Note

social network

social network

Social networks can be addicting and fun just as they can be dangerous. Make sure you understand the network you are joining and be careful about putting too much personal information in your profile.

Remember, just as you can tell as much or as little about yourself online, so can the person with whom you are chatting.

I hope you now know what a Social Network Site is and how it can benefit you.

Till next time,

Stay Social :)

social network

Michael Harrington





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Use Facebook Tools For Your Business

facebook tools

facebook tools

Nearly every local business can benefit from social media in their marketing, especially having a presence on Facebook. While most courses only tell you why and don’t show you how-to, the “Facebook: Tools and Strategies for Business” will not only teach you the why, the how-to and the practical, tactical things you can do to make Facebook work for your business, but will teach you how to take Facebook to the next level for your organization.

Facebook Tools Within Pages

Every person in business should be using some assortment of Facebook tools within their Facebook page. Speaking of, you should have a Facebook page. I am not talking about a Facebook profile either. You can create Pages separate from your profile and use different Facebook tools within that page to help you promote yourself and/or your product. My favorite and most recommended Facebook tool to use in my page is the “Landing Tab”app. People find your page and can be instructed to click the like button Because a page is all about getting likes.

One Of The Ultimate Facebook Tools.. Facebook Ads

facebook tools

facebook tools

I am going to spend the rest of this time talking about this because it is one of the best Facebook tools you can use. This year the advertising in Facebook is changing along with everything else that has changed within Facebook.

Facebook has started displaying ads in users’ News Feeds.

You may not be seeing them yet as the company is rolling them out gradually, like it does for all its changes. These new ads are marked as “Featured,” which could be confusing given that Facebook has always used the word “Sponsored” for its ads. Currently, Facebook uses the verb “feature” for making content on a user’s Timeline bigger and more prominent.

Last month, a Facebook spokesperson said the company hoped to “show people no more than one Sponsored Story in their News Feeds per day.” This is no longer the case, as Facebook now says you may see more Featured stories “if you visit your News Feed a lot.”

At the time, Facebook said it wanted to roll out the ads “thoughtfully and slowly” while also making sure that the stories were “clearly labeled.” The ads are indeed labelled, but I would argue they could be marked more clearly. Facebook may have chosen “Featured” over “Sponsored” for these new ads since these stories are not simply paid for by advertisers.

The stories must be related to friends and/or Pages which users have previously Liked. In other words, you won’t see these ads appearing organically in your News Feed: they need to be linked to you in one or more ways.

For an ad to appear in your News Feed, two things need to happen. First, you must have already Liked Ben & Jerry’s Facebook Page, or one of your friends must have interacted with Ben & Jerry’s Page. Second, Ben & Jerry must have chosen to have the ad promoted to users who have Liked its Page.

Alternatively, a story you wrote can also be featured as an ad, but it will only be shown to people you originally shared it with. A business may want to do this in order to get more people to Like its Page by showing off someone important Liking their Page, or underlining interesting content someone posted on their Page.

Facebook is likely hoping the fact that since the story is being shared between friends, it will be considered more relevant than a traditional ad would be. Since these ads are just stories, they cannot be stopped completely (although ad blockers may find a way around this).

Users do, however, have three options provided by Facebook to limit the ads:click hide to remove individual stories, limit the volume of stories you see from a specific friend to only important posts, or unfriend the person and/or unlike the Page to stop seeing certain kinds of stories altogether.

As far as Facebook tools go, I could name off a million. I just wanted to share with you two Facebook tools I use the most, enjoy.

facebook tools

Michael Harrington





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What Does It Mean To Be Marketing Articles?

marketing articles

marketing articles

Marketing Articles is a great way to promote, especially if you are selling information based products like training programs, seminars, and coaching sessions.

Writing and distributing articles will help you connect with more people who are going to the internet simply because they need information.

Marketing articles will also help you boost your page ranking, build or strengthen your expertise in your niche, and build your brand.

Marketing Articles For A Coaching Business

First, You need to identify the topics that your target audience would find interesting or useful. Find the answer to the question “What can I talk about that will interest my readers?” You need to start Marketing Articles that your readers will find useful and extremely interesting otherwise, there’s no way that they’ll open or read your articles.

Do keyword research and conduct surveys to know their stand on important issues. Visit forums and do some research on their most frequent questions or the usual problems that they go through.

Next step is to plan on how you’ll write your articles. Start by targeting one major keyword. For example, if you’re marketing articles about social media marketing, market articles on “Twitter marketing.” Think of the best titles that you can use to attract your target audience.

Write down at least 5 major points that you’re going to discuss. Explain these using short paragraphs. When writing the paragraphs, make sure that you use subheadings. These will make your articles easy to skim through.

Marketing Articles With The AHH Factor

Provide amazing information. Always remind yourself that your goal here is to impress your readers. If you can make that happen, everything else will follow. They’ll read your articles until the end, they’ll respond to your call to action, they’ll visit your website, and who knows, they might even sign up to your email marketing list and buy your coaching programs.

Keep The Peace While Marketing Articles

How to start marketing articles and make your readers happy is simple. Just give them exactly what they want. Useful and valuable information. Instead of giving them general info, dig deeper and offer them in-depth explanation, insider tips, and offer expert advice. The more information you share, the more likely they’ll be convinced that you’re really an expert in your niche.

This Is The Key To Marketing Articles

Keywords. Help your target audience find your articles by marketing articles that are searchable on search engines. You can do this by using keywords. Place these keywords on places where search spiders can find them, and by following acceptable keyword density. Making sure that your articles are of high quality would also help. These types of articles are those that other bloggers and webmasters usually link to. As you know, inbound links can help you boost your article’s ranking in no time.

Perfect Marketing Articles Equals Professional Marketing Articles

marketing articles

marketing articles

Proofread and distribute your articles. Check your articles at least a day after writing them and ensure that they’re nothing but perfect. We all make mistakes but when marketing articles. When you start marketing articles, you want to find and fix any mistakes you made the moment you find them.
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I hope this explains to you how you should be marketing articles.

Until next time,

Happy Marketing :)


Michael Harrington

How To Create Momentum In Your Home Based Business

home based business

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A key factor to generating profits from your home based business rests with your ability to get momentum very early on.

Have you ever noticed that the majority of people that make an effort to start a home based business generally fail within the first thirty to sixty days?

If the individuals you recruit into your home based business don’t see results fast enough for them to stick around, it will be a long time before you build a sizeable organization.

The same can be said if you’re selling your own products or marketing products as an affiliate. If the success is rate is low in the beginning stages, it will be harder to get the momentum you need to generate the income online you desire.

What I’m going to outline in the remainder of this article are three steps that you can take to get the momentum you need to see quick results from your home based business. The by-product of this information will be that you can share it with your recruits or affiliates to help them see the results they need to see right away.

1. Set A Schedule And Stick To It

The first way to generate early momentum in your home based business is to commit to a schedule.

In order to plan out your schedule, you will first need to do a self-analysis in terms of how it is that you spend your time everyday. This will require you to sit down and list your daily activities on a sheet of paper.

Make sure to take every activity and chore into account so that you can get a realistic view of what you’re working with.

I’ll tell you right now that if you are serious about creating a profitable home based business that will take care of your monthly obligations with money left over to play, you will need to invest at least 15 – 20 hours into the development of your business.

If you work at your business 5 days a week than you will need between 3-4 hours a day to devote to your internet business.

home based businessIf you choose to work 6 days a week than you will need to put in at least 3 hours a day. The point is that without giving serious consideration to your schedule your results will be scattered if any to say the least.

2. Avoid Overwhelming Yourself.

A huge trap that most individuals fall into right away is the trap of trying to do too many things right out of the gate. As the old saying goes: “Rome was not built in a day”, and the same goes for your home based business.

It’s understandable that you want to start generating income as fast as possible from your home based business. However it’s a fact that if you try to rush the process, you will more than likely make mistakes that will only set you back and eat up your time.

It’s better to do things right the first time.

3. Don’t Expect Perfection

If there is one thing that keeps more people from ever attempting to reach their profit potential online, it’s the false expectation that everything has to be perfect.

You can create the best product, program or service anyone has ever seen, but the true fact of the matter is that a large majority of the people that use it, won’t use it properly to begin with.

Some people will follow your instructions to the tee, others will pick and choose what it is they want to use, and the remainder will more than likely not even look through your offer once or more than once.

So save yourself the anxiety of trying to be perfect and commit to becoming as successful as you can be by doing what you have to do today in order to enjoy the lifestyle you wish to live tomorrow.

Once your downline representatives and affiliates begin to experience some favorable results, your home based business will begin to take on a life of it’s own and all you’ll need to do is maintain that momentum for greater success.

I hope you enjoyed this Article on How To create Momentum in your Home Based Business

Take care,

Michael Harrington

Michael Harrington




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What is a Blog?


What is a Blog, and why do I need one?

what is a blog
what is a blog

The Literal Answer To, What Is A Blog

Blog is short for web log. Looks very much like a normal website. It is a platform on which people write articles easily while keeping everything organized.

Blogs are used by many people these days, from the average person to Bill Gates, the PC business man.

So I will explain to you, what is a blog to the average person and what is a blog to the business person and why it is so crucial if you own a business. I will also discuss how to start your own.

What is a blog to the average user?

For those who write in them it is a way to express themselves and to socialize. Think of it as the “very personal social network”.

Some of the different ways you could use a blog are showing off photos you’ve taken, telling jokes, an organized recipe site with all your own personal recipes in it, personal movie reviews, and pretty much anything you can think of.

What is a blog to a business person

Well in businesses having an online presence is very important. So, they use blogs to advertise and connect with people.

There are many advantages to using a blog versus a normal website.

First, the theme of your website does not change from page to page which is desirable so potential customers don’t get confused.

Secondly, Most internet users use search engines for specific things they are looking for and search engines, such as google, love blogs.

What is a blog to somebody who has never used one before

In short, a birthday present you should have opened years ago. Starting with those of you who just want to have a place on the web of your own.

Now assuming I answered, What is a blog, well enough for you to understand how great they are. I will tell you how to start your very own.

There are two options here the free route and then owning your own website to blog on. I’ll start with the free.

It is very very simple. Go to Blogger.com, set up an account and start writing. Told you it was simple.

what is a blogNow for those of you who want your own website I recommend to you hostgator.com. You can register a website name there and have it hosted there too for a very low price.

After you have that setup your left with just a blank website and it’s not a blog yet. All you need to do is go to the control panel and find wordpress and follow the install steps.

Then your all done.

Just play with the settings until you get it looking the way you want and you can just start writing away.

Now, for those of you who are making money or wanting to make money. I say again, assuming I answered, What is a blog, well enough for you to understand how great they are.

I have to suggest to you guys a blogging platform and community that will make you money whether you own your own business or not.

My suggestion for that would be Empower Network for a couple of reasons.

First off, you get 100% of all money made by using their system and it only cost $25 a month. That and you get exclusive training from some of the top earners in the online industry.

If anybody ever asks you What is a blog? You should be ready now to teach them a thing or two.

That’s all I have for “What Is A Blog 2012 Edition”

Happy Blogging :)

what is a blog



Michael Harrington

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